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So You Wanna Know

Learn the inside tips and tricks of skating

So You Wanna Know...

Beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho

Beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho

…how to get into a skating show?

…how can skating help pay for college?

…what are the judges really thinking?

I will try to crush many of the myths out there in the world of skating and answer any question you might have.  Email me, “So you wanna know,” at:  Dan@DanHollander.com

How to do a loop?

First you need to know the definition of a radius:
The measurement from the center point of a circle to the outside of a circle.
Your blade has a big radius in the middle, and gets smaller as you go towards the toe-pick. Glide on the back of your blade for a big circle, and the very front for a small circle. Consider the the diagram below from sections 1 – 4 going from a big radius to a small radius (or big circle to a smaller circle).

No matter what loop you are doing, rotate your arms and shoulders in the direction you are going.  Increase your knee bend and pressure to the ball of the foot towards to toe as you proceed into the loop.  You stay on the #4 position on your blade which creates a perfect circle between the 1/3 and 2/3 mark.  At the 2/3’s mark of the loop, or the MM (Magic Moment see diagram below) you unwind your shoulders, rock back to the number 1 position on the blade, and rise out of your knee – just like coming out of an edge pull.
Free leg position:
Front Loop:  Starts behind, swings in front at the MM
Back Loop:  Starts in front, swings behind at the MM

Dan Hollander