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Professional Performer

Use Dan Hollander as your guest performer for your show!

Professional Performer

He'll entertain you like no one else can! 

Dan was four years old when he saw Scott Hamilton dressed in a chicken outfit on Champions on Ice, laughing till he had tears in his eyes.  Since then comedy has been the main focus in his skating career.  He was a full cast member of COI from 2000 until it closed in 2007, and continues to perform making audiences laugh world wide.

For availability to have Dan perform in your skating show please contact:  Dan@DanHollander.com

Dan's famous routines:

Tappin' With Bob

Created 1998
Choreographer: Simone Grigorescu
Musician Composer: Scott Sumner

I went to a Tap Dogs show ready to find a way to put this cool show on the ice. There was this one part when one guy would tap out a rhythm and the other guy would follow it. So I took the base loop music idea to Scott Sumner who made a loop of it. Then Simone flew in and started to put the choreography to counts of 6 and 8. Then, we would sit down and actually write out the sounds that would go to which counts. VERY COOL!!! So we actually made the music fit the choreography. It took us 2 evenings at St. Clair Shores ice rink from midnight till about 3am. How did I come up with the name? Well, I was trying to explain to Simone that someone would tap out a beat, and then I would have to copy it. “who is tapping out a beat?” she asked me around 2am, both of us cold, tired, and slap happy. “I don’t know, Bob.” And thus, Tappin’ with Bob was born. This routine has gone through many changes, a different ending, and even was transformed into a competitive short program.

Dan Hollander