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Professional Performer

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Professional Performer

He'll entertain you like no one else can! 

Dan was four years old when he saw Scott Hamilton dressed in a chicken outfit on Champions on Ice, laughing till he had tears in his eyes.  Since then comedy has been the main focus in his skating career.  He was a full cast member of COI from 2000 until it closed in 2007, and continues to perform making audiences laugh world wide.

For availability to have Dan perform in your skating show please contact:  Dan@DanHollander.com

Dan's famous routines:

Mrs. Doubtfire

Created 1999
Choreographer: Dan Hollander

This is by far my most popular routine. I knew as soon as Doubtfire hit the theaters, watching the cleaning scene, that I wanted to put that on the ice. My only problem was I needed something to put before it, something slow and something that would cover the granny outfit. Xmas ’98 I was over at Skip Anderson’s house who said I he had some music for me to skate to and played the Southpark Cd, a show I heard about but never watched before. When “I’m Sailing Away” came on, I asked which character was this??? When he told me the fat kid, it just clicked: covers the outfit, slow music. I cut the music and choreographed it myself in 2 days. Stephanie Pizzo gave a dance step or two, and I was ready. A trip to the salvation army for a 49 cent skirt, and history was made…by far the best return for my money!

Because of my lack of competitive success, I was not offered any shows with COI. I called my then agent and told him to get me on the Detroit Show for free if necessary, anything to get this number shown. I skated both shows in Detroit, to a standing ovation both times…Cartman being a huge hit, and then a jamming Granny meet with lots of laughter. I wasn’t invited for any more shows, they had their comedian, a French skater, Tobel.

That tour ended with Tommy realizing that Tobel was having a hard time coming up with new comedy routines that Americans understood. I have seen him do some gut busting stuff, that gets a tremendous reaction in Europe, but nothing in the States (and visa versa for me!). So Tommy invited me in 2000 to become a full cast member on the winter and summer tour. Tommy fell in love with this and Doubtfire was performed ’01 and ’02 totally over a hundred times. I love doing it, but I pushed hard to come up with something new and fresh, more for me than the audience.

Dan Hollander