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Professional Performer

He'll entertain you like no one else can! 

Dan was four years old when he saw Scott Hamilton dressed in a chicken outfit on Champions on Ice, laughing till he had tears in his eyes.  Since then comedy has been the main focus in his skating career.  He was a full cast member of COI from 2000 until it closed in 2007, and continues to perform making audiences laugh world wide.

For availability to have Dan perform in your skating show please contact:  Dan@DanHollander.com

Dan's famous routines:

Super Hero

Created 2007
Choreographer: Marcia Little, Darby Wilde, & Dan Hollander

I have been working on this routine for close to five years! I knew that I wanted to figure out a way to have muscles that can pump up, like using a bicycle pump or something. I got tickets for a special effects company in CA to come back stage to meet me in 2001. “Well, after watching you skate, we can build you a suit that can inflate as long as we run cables out to you.” Uhm, hello, that won’t work!!! Oh, and did I mention the $80,000 price tag that went with it!!!! Needless to say, I didn’t use them and put that number on the backburner.

I found a Superman kids suit this year that uses a fan running continuously to inflate it. However, that wouldn’t work for many reasons, but it really lit a fire under my butt to get this routine figured out and brought to life. My good buddy John figured out a way to inflate for less, which you will see in the video (can’t give away our secrets!) My biceps are able to pump up, and the price tag was $300…much better than 80grand! The belt is part of the mechanism, which is why there is SOOO much bulk to the “utility” belt. So no, I’m not fat, just a lot of stuff on me this year!

A body builder was one idea, yet I couldn’t figure out music for that theme. Eventually the idea of saving a girl tied to train tracks and being multiple heros was the way to go. I had an idea of an “urkel” like superhero, but trashed that idea. Of course I had to add in a female super hero, gosh knows Tommy loves me as an ugly woman!

I also wanted to add a little bit of “hip hop.” Well, that is at least what I am attempting to do with the help of Darby with the Frou Frou version of “i Need a Hero” from Shrek in the footwork section. I have to say this is the bulkiest outfit I have skated in because of the multiple layers. And I wanted a “stepping” part like they do in college. So I kept thinking of the “Hollerback” girl song…and when I threw a count of 8 in there of it, and got a lot of laughs from people on the ice, and kept it.

Dan Hollander