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So You Wanna Know

Learn the inside tips and tricks of skating

So You Wanna Know...

Beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho

Beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho

…how to get into a skating show?

…how can skating help pay for college?

…what are the judges really thinking?

I will try to crush many of the myths out there in the world of skating and answer any question you might have.  Email me, “So you wanna know,” at:  Dan@DanHollander.com

How to dress for a test?

he first thing to consider is what will make your skater feel the most comfortable? Second, consider this asa job interview. Make the judges feel you are there to take things seriously.

Dan Hollander
How to do a loop?

Your blade has a big radius in the middle, and gets smaller as you go towards the toe-pick. Glide on the back of your blade for a big circle,

Dan Hollander
How to pick a blade and a good sharpener?

Picking a good person to sharpen your skates is a MUST! Unfortunately, it is hard to find out who is good, and who is really ruining your equipment. I have heard a coach say, “oh I always use this person,” and know for a fact that sharpener ruined at least 3 pair of blades in one summer.

Dan Hollander