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Professional Performer

Use Dan Hollander as your guest performer for your show!

Professional Performer

He'll entertain you like no one else can! 

Dan was four years old when he saw Scott Hamilton dressed in a chicken outfit on Champions on Ice, laughing till he had tears in his eyes.  Since then comedy has been the main focus in his skating career.  He was a full cast member of COI from 2000 until it closed in 2007, and continues to perform making audiences laugh world wide.

For availability to have Dan perform in your skating show please contact:  Dan@DanHollander.com

Dan's famous routines:

The Old Man

I totally ripped this off, and I am happy to admit it. Not wanting to be forced to do Doubtfire again on COI (I felt the audience still deserved something new), I started to think, “what does Tom Collins like?” I knew he really enjoyed the old shows, which made me think of the Sweeneys. I remember watching them as a kid, an older couple skating around to slow music. A light fell from the ceiling onto the ice! A spotlight desperately picked it up in hopes that the couple wouldn’t run into it. Sure enough they did, and the audience gasped. Then her wig fell off! I remember feeling so incredibly bad for them…and then his pants fell down, and finally we all knew that we had been had! I was really blown away that they fooled me so well! So I learned how to spray my hair and make myself look old, and put the number together.

I can’t tell you how much I crack up when I tank the first time and hear the audience gasp. I unfortunately taped over all the performances during COI, so here is club show that I skated that wasn’t one of my best performances of this routine. It was also an honor to perform this in front of the Sweeney's who gave me some great tips when this program was in its early stages!

Dan Hollander