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Here you can check out all about my crazy adventures that skating has taken me. From seminars to shows, I'm sure you will find something entertaining from behind the scenes.


Champions On Ice 2000

Champions On Ice 2000

Here you can check out all about my crazy adventures that skating has taken me. From seminars to shows, I'm sure you will find something entertaining from behind the scenes.

Customer Service Part 2

You may recall a while back I was trying the Edea skates. I have had numerous emails asking for updates, and now I can finally give my experiences and opinions on these skates. First the history:

6/01/08: Current Jackson skates breaking down, might not make the entire summer of SV.
New Jacksons came in, not working well, but no more time to adjust and had to leave.

6/08/08: Contacted the company Edea in Italy (Sylvia who is the main contact) asking for a deal, but really a free pair of skates in return for helping to market their skates in the U.S. for figure skating (since I hear they are doing well in the roller skating world). I would also share information about a few skaters who have received a free pair of their skates and why they don’t like them and were no longer using them. I get a response from someone else in the company saying Sabrina is out of the office but will be back on the 12th. IMPORTANT fact that someone responded from her email while she was out of the office for later on.

6/11/08: I stop at the U.S. distributor David Ripp on my way to Kansas to try out these skates. They felt really comfortable and I was willing to try them out, fearing my Jacksons wouldn’t last. The company in Italy had been in communication with David and they decided to give me the standard coaches discount...but still a whopping $525.00, where at least 4 other skaters I know received them for free, with three of them not even using them.

6/13/08: Attempted for 10 minutes the first day at the seminar with these new skates. Realize that there was no way I could adjust quickly (lower heel which can increase jump height) but not right for me to teach a few 8 hr days on.

6/20/08: In Sv, had skated one rehearsal per day. I committed to a freestyle and the first day completed double axel and triple sal. The thing about these boots is that they do not come up as high on your ankle. So I feel that they are “wobbly” like when you lean to one side because the boot doesn’t brace the other side of your ankle, so it “flops” over. Almost like skating in a regular pair and not tying them all the way up. Not saying this is terrible, just not use to this at all, and some other people I have contacted who have tried them said the same thing. Second day became the worse lace bite I have ever had. This means for whatever reason the tongue is allowing the laces to cut into your ankle (issues I have had with the new Jacksons, but after making a new pair to replace the offending ones, it was fine after summer). This issue never seems to be about the padding in the tongue, since padding in between the tongue and your ankle never seems to work, and a new tongue always seems to be the final answer. I now emailed David my issues and asked what could they do to correct the problem. (in my past experience means replacing the tongue or the entire skate...although because of the lower profile, this might not be possible and maybe just the design...however if others are skating in them, I can’t believe it would be that....don’t know)

6/24/08 David contacted me back saying he contacted Sabrina who said all the issues could be a positive, which I agree with (lower heel, lower profile), except for the lace bite which she said:

When the boot is new and the sides are still stiff, all the pressure is on the tongue.
You need some time to break in so the pressure is uniformly distributed all around.

Now, as you can imagine, you don’t “break in” lace bite. So I email her back saying I didn’t agree, you don’t break in lace bite, it gets worse. I then went on explaining exactly what I could do for helping them break into the market with my suggestions and connections, hoping this would result in a refund as well as getting the skates fixed.

6/26/08 Sabrina contacts me stating David will send out a box for me to return the skates to see if they can fix the issue.

Now we are starting the month of July...and when I asked for an update I get a response back that the company usually takes off July and August! THANKFULLY I squeak out the entire summer in my old Jacksons. I was a bit upset knowing I paid for a product to use for the summer, and now it would take the entire summer to “fix.”

9/12/08 (3 months since date of purchase) I receive an email from Italy after I emailed them saying they have my skates, can’t make changes to them, and have to make a new pair, which will be ready in about 3 weeks...so that is a deadline of October 3rd, close to 4 MONTHS AFTER ORIGINAL PURCHASE!!! Meanwhile, I got the new Jacksons replaced, working fine, and skating on those.

10/14/08 (4 months since date of purchase) I email both David and Sabrina stating we are now 6 weeks...or 3 weeks past their promised date and what is the status?

10/28/08 TEN business days later, I now email them both after hearing NOTHING from David or Sabrina, and request my money back. David then emails Edea, who responds on the 29th to David, who then forwards it to me! Apparently, Sabrina gave birth on the 15th, and it skipped their attention. (NOW, remember at the beginning when I emailed Sabrina and someone else responded for her? So two emails went unanswered during this time. I can appreciate her being out of the office, but at the end of the day this is a business, and the deadline she gave me to have them done was still 3 weeks prior to her giving birth.) They are now promising they will send the boots out in one week and thank you for your patience. You can imagine how frustrated I am that the company can respond to David, the distributor, but not to me.

10/29/08 David emailed me:


I sincerely apologize for the way things have happened to this point. EDEA has been and is a GREAT company to work with. They have always provided wonderful products and to the schedules promised. They have always done better than the best that they can do. They do seem to realize when they have limitations and usually inform those involved, so no one is disappointed with their service. They normally do not make commitments that they do not keep. I am sure that they will strive to not let this happen again.

I would really appreciate the opportunity to see the boots and what modifications have been done (possibly take some pictures), and then send them right on to you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We will let you know when the Boots are on the way to you. Possibly, if we need to modify them, I could come to Detroit to accomplish this, as this would save some time.



As you can see, David is trying to make amends, but to me it feels too little too late.

11/18/08 Close to 3 weeks later, I now have the new pair in my hands, about 5 months after my purchase date. David has included a free pair of the parabolic blades, which is ok but they are an 8ft radius and I skate on a 7 1/2 radius....big difference...I prefer a smaller radius for the increased foot work maneuverability, spins, and rock up into edge jumps...where Elvis likes the 8ft for the flatter stability and bigger surface area to push off the blade. So yes I appreciate the offer of the free blades to try and make up for my poor customer service, but I won’t use them. I tried them first with the parabolic blades and the radius just doesn’t work for me. So I had them re-mounted with an old blade of mine, tried them, lace bite again even though it appears they added a big pad in the tongue. I do not plan on calling David or Sabrina to ask them to attempt to work on them again, which appears to be just a new pair with a pad on the tongue. All boot companies I have ever dealt with, it takes 5 weeks to make a pair of skates. FIVE months is enough dealing with something I don’t think can be fixed, nor willing to waste more of time attempting to.

Final opinion....some people might like these skates, and have had good customer service. However, in my opinion and experience, a very poor product, and very poor customer service, with a lot of my time and money wasted. I would not recommend these skates.


Dan Hollander